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Cartagena de Indias - Colombia, May 05 to 08, 2019

Message from Roberto Enrique Montoya Villa
Executive Director, ICONTEC Internacional


Dear Colleagues and special guests,

On behalf of ICONTEC, National Standards Organization of Colombia, I am pleased to extend a cordial invitation to COPANT 2019 Week, "Future of Normalization", which will be held from May 5 to 8. For the realization of the event, we have chosen the city of Cartagena de Indias, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in November of 1984.

Undoubtedly, in recent decades, standardization has become one of the most important tools to improve the productivity of organizations, thus contributing to the competitiveness of countries. Even at the global level, standardization bodies have the challenge of supporting the fulfillment of the "Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs" of the United Nations with our work.

For all the above, the focus of the activities of the 2019 Week of the Pan American Standards Commission, COPANT, will focus on making a survey of standardization and its future, taking into account the innovation required to respond to the new challenges that are imposed, including not only the development of standards for new technologies, but also how to achieve a relevant, agile and efficient process in the preparation of normative documents that respond to the needs of different sectors of the economy .

On the other hand, during the same week and in parallel, the General Assembly of IQNet, the global network of certification companies to which ICONTEC belongs, will take place. This special scenario offers the participants of both meetings the magnificent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences in relation to the use and application of standards through processes of conformity assessment and training, among others. Precisely, on Wednesday, May 7, a joint workshop between COPANT and IQNet will take place on "Technology in Standardization", which we hope will contribute to enrich the relations among the attendees.


We are waiting for you with open arms in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias. Your participation and contributions will be fundamental to collectively build the best strategies in order to project the future of standardization for the benefit of our countries.

Welcome everyone,


Roberto Enrique Montoya Villa
Eecutive Director, ICONTEC



Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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